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Fuel Factory

Maximizing The Athlete Within


Whether you are a current member, want to become one, or just want to attend a class or schedule a private lesson, click the Scheduling Portal button below to access our online scheduling system.  Once you've created an account you can access classes you can sign up for in the list view or see our entire class schedule in the calendar view.

About Us


Training Groups

Our training groups focus on athletic and personal development.    Athletes are assessed and challenged at the appropriate level for their current skill sets.  Progression and indivualization are key components to our training process. 


Private Instruction

Our coaches provide process based feedback for your athlete.  We use a blend of technology and fundamental skills development.  We currently offer hitting, pitching, defense, and personal training.  


Camps and Clinics

We will be hosting specialized camps and coaching clinics.  We will teach the methods and modalities we use at Fuel Factory to help coaches and athletes take their game to the next level.  We will also help teach coaches and athletes how they can use technology to measure and train more efficiently.  We strive to continue bringing useful and applicable information to athletes in the areas of human performance, nutrition for peak recovery and fuel, mental toughness training, consistent process based work habits and much more.